Monkey theme

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Did you know, monkeys have 12 hairs at any one time
If you didn’t know, neither did I :P

I found a nice theme named monkeypr. yeah, this is another free fabs theme – A bit similar to freePremium. This theme fits for you who frequently post short postings, because the posting area width is narrower than any other themes. here is the demo site

ups, and also te link to download directly is here

Top 5 SEO plug-in for Word Press Blog

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The internet world consists of millions of web blogs. In order to establish yourself in the blogging world, you should have a good strategy and planning, so that large number of visitors may attract to your blogs/websites. To get the most number of visitors, you should try to target and attract the high quality search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo etc. In other words, you can also say that, you have to improve your SEO to get maximum traffic. There are several methods by the help of which you can increase your SEO. SEO plug-in is also an effective method to increase your SEO.

We are quite familiar with the WordPress. It is perhaps the only blogging platform which allows you to work freely. Nowadays, a large number of people prefer WordPress and convert their blogger’s blog to WordPress. But the reason behind this conversion is SEO.  WordPress basically provides so many plug-INS, which provides ease and comfort to the blog owners. Though, WordPress has so many plug-INS but here, we will discuss top 5 SEO Plug-INS for WordPress. Read the rest of this entry »

Finding the cheapest is easy, but not the comparison

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VoIP or broadband phone is a phone service over high-speed Internet connection. When you call a number, the call is sent over the Internet instead of over copper wires running out of your house.
Nearly every cellular provider now has added VoIP to their service to provide lower price service for their customer. ¬ So, VoIP is not only a connection of computer to phone, or computer to computer, but also phone to phone, out of traditional terminology.

VoIP voice quality has dramatically improved over the past few years to have reached the level of a cable-phone and even superior to it. However, it depends upon the speed and connection quality of the broadband connection used as the carrier of digital data of voice. The technology is becoming better and better, and it was also becoming even cheaper! Read the rest of this entry »

Translating “WP User Registration” to Indonesian

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Since spam still being major problem for site administrators, I think everything to spread any effort against spam is worth to be appreciated.

I have try WP User Registration for some of my sites, and found that this plugin is very useful. It makes your WP has a custom user registration interface, so usable to avoid spam-registration.

I have release an Indonesian translation for this plugin, hope you enjoy it.

You might download it here (contains Chinese, Indonesian, French, and English), or wait the former creator to add it in next version :)

Updated Version of March Star WP Theme v1.2

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theme preview

MarchStar's theme preview

After looking some blogs that uses my WordPress theme, I realize that some details have to be fixed. In March Star v 1.2 I add some lines so:

  • Header area, changed from auto to hidden. So wider blog title will not seems ugly because of extra scroll addition
  • Navigation link issue for older and newer post has been fixed.

Off course, the distinction features is stay intact:

  • Contact Form with simple CAPTCHA, sent to your email as configured in WP settings
  • Text-based page counter
  • SEO friendly XHTML codes Read the rest of this entry »

Empowering MP3 Player’s sound quality

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MP3 really make music so more portable. Means, you can enjoy music whereabouts just by use of MP3 player. Unhappily, this amenity also take in audio quality degradation as a consequences. But latter a lot of producer of iPod docks and speakers tries to take back audio quality of MP3.

I tried to enhance my iPod, buying discount ipod dock. Trick that utilized by Logic 3 is by using of oldish amplifier technologies, get tube basis, that really can produce more lovely voice. Even this trick not undivided that can replicate high end’s audio system consume audiophile, but at least result it last can jack up MP3’s audio quality until by a long shot reasonable to been enjoyed. Read the rest of this entry »

Executive Recruitment Firm

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The capitalism makes us believe that human can be valued as a capital asset. To yield higher productivity, a company has to employ good resources. In the same point of view, conventionally we believe that employing a good manager can guarantee your company runs well.

There are a lot of companies out there, sees this as a good business. You may find them from an Executive Recruitment Firm Directory. Human resources is always a good business.

Executive recruitment or widely known as headhunting, is a service of recruiting qualified candidates for executive positions in an organization. The goal is to provide their clients with top quality talent that responsibly meets their client’s business objectives. They do this by identifying, attracting, qualifying and delivering top performers for their client companies. Read the rest of this entry »

Using WP-Posting as Product Catalogue

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Vend-O-Matic is a simple yet powerful shopping cart solution for WordPress. It uses standard posting to show the products’ details and utilizes Ajax componet to present shoping cart using Widget feature.

A product has to be created in the Vend-O-Matic section of WP dashboard and can then be used for selling. The plugin then references this product from the post you put it on and displays the product details as well as a button to add this product to the cart.

A component is used for use of the cart and the admin section of the component will administrate your products and set yout personal configuration.

Vend-O-Matic currently proposes two ways of checkout: by simple mail (not needing payment) or PayPal (needing payment)


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Excellent combination of shopping cart plugin and WP functionalities. Vend-O-Rama would be a WP-plugin that is easy set up of a simple shopping cart feature using PayPal as the merchant account. Great for sites selling only a few products who don’t need (or want) the administrative overhead of such e-commerce ware.

Took a minute to install and 1 minutes to configure. Once properly configured each product takes only a couple of minutes to enter, as easy as write a blog-posting. Product descriptions and photos are entered in a content page and simple plugin code calls the “Add to Cart” button.

A few rough bumps to final configuration but most answers can be found in the developer’s forum. Not very customizable but highly recommended for simple selling needs when PayPal is your payment solution.

Not Just Another WP blog

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You know, right now there’s no good e-commerce solution for WordPress. All of them are half-baked abandonware like Market Theme. I think there would be a big demand if you created something, particularly if it was as friendly as a standard WordPress plug-in. I would certainly buy it!
MarketTheme filters pages from a ‘Products’ category into that weird sidebar, which is bad in two ways: it means I’m stuck using their theme, and it also means I can’t use a standard sidebar on my homepage. Bah!

Market’s nicely-designed website fooled me into thinking it was a friendly, complete product. I suppose it’s better than nothing, or what I used before, which was a program called PayPal Shop Builder, which created a store that worked well but looked awful, so I had to spend a lot of time skinning those HTML/PHP pages to make them look like the rest of my site. Again, painful.